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15 July 2015

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Quality Improvement Development of Jinggang Ancient Town Cultural Tourist Resort

Introduction: The project's construction content is divided into 7 sections:


1. Water ancient war themed park: located on the old Weishui River, constituted by five main bodies of north shore pier, Jiangxin island, Peach blossom island, water stage, ancient warship etc. The project covers an area of 3 mu with a total investment of 800 million Yuan. There are plans to invest 8 million Yuan to complete Fishing Park Project and Water CS Battle Base Project.


2. Newly construct Houjie commercial Pedestrian Street: It is located from Jinggang Ancient Town Rural Credit Cooperative to Jinggang Gas Station with a total investmetn of 330 million Yuan and an area of 150 mu. The street is about 2,300 meters long with commercial facade of 80,000 m2 for shopping street, food city etc. The pedestrian street plans to use granite for road surface laying. The shop facade will be consistent with the surrounding environment and existing main street, matched with infrastructures concerning fire prevention, environmental protection and public toilets etc. The pedestrian street will be orientated as international shopping and dinning street.


3. Restoration of stilted buildings along the south bank Dyke: Located in the south bank dyke of Jinggang Ancient Town, it covers an area of 110 mu, about 1,200 meters long. The construction content is to restore stilted buildings along the south bank dyke. 


4. Additionally set up Traditional Chinese Culture Academy, Hunan Folk Culture and Art Museum etc.: The project plans to introduce Confucius Institute, Guqin Museum, Traditional Chinese Culture Academy, Hunan Folk Culture and Art Museum etc.


5. Newly construct West square tourist distributing center: The project covers an area of 30 mu and is located in Jinggang Ancient Town West Square. Its construction content is shopping, dining, entertainment, recreation etc.


6. Resort hotel: The project covers an area of 100 mu. The hotel's main body is of frame structure with four floors. The hotel's local part has eight floors with one ground floor. The floor area is 52,026 m2 with 260 guest rooms. After completion, it will be an international star resort hotel integrated with holiday, resort, food and beverage, business, entertainment, the ecological Leisure, health maintenance, humanistic leisure.


7. Ziyun Palace: The project covers an area of 30 mu with a floor area of 15,000 m2. Ziyun Palace-initially Li Jing Temple, was originally constructed in the Ming Dynasty. As the largest temple in Changsha area, the Palace building is grandly covered with colored glaze and tile. In order to inherit ancient town's history and culture, and to attract private capital, reconstruction of Ziyun Palace will take place as a folk cultural tourist area. 


Policy guarantee: Complete preliminary work of project's site selection, approval, investigation, land prequalification, environmental impact assessment, design, land requisition etc. 


Benefit assessment: Since October 2008, the project has invested more than 200 million Yuan to successfully build a southern town with ancient architectural style of three rives flowing through two streets in the Ming and Qing dynasty. It was formally opened on September 25, 2009 with tourist reception of over 3,000,000. Jinggang Ancient Town has benign assets (house property and landed property included) of more than 100,000 m2, with appraisal value of more than 1.5 billion Yuan; If ticket revenue of the scenic area and the ten scenic spots is calculated by 50 Yuan/person ×5,000,000 persons/year, the annual ticket revenue will be 250 million Yuan and the return on investment is expected to be 7.17%.  After the resort hotel project is implemented, it is expected to have an annual profit of 20 million Yuan and taxation of 6 million Yuan. 


Total investment: 140.63 million USD 


Cooperation mode: sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation 


Contact unit: Administrative Commitee of Wangcheng District Jianggang Ancient Town Scenic Area 


Contact person: Lu Jin 


Contact information: +86-731-88301088, +86015874975679 


Fax: +86-731-8300344