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15 July 2015

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Protection Development of Changsha Ancient Tongguan Town Cultural Tourism Area


Introduction: Located in the east bank of Xiang River, 25 km away from the north of Changsha City, Tongguan Town has a long history, brilliant ceramic culture, beautiful natural scenery, known as "Ceramic City for One Thousand Year", "Red Cradle", and "Landscape City". It is a riverside cermatic city integrated with mountain, water, islet, city, and fused with ancient and contemporary culture. It plans to build ancient Tongguan Town into a 5A level tourism scenic area and a China famous town themed "Cermatic Happy City". 
It also plans to newly construct: 
1. Tongguan Old Cermatic Street: The project is located in the core area of Ancient Tongguan Town, south to Tongguanyao National Relics Park, west to Xiang River, about 800 meters long from the south to the north. It is an ancient street formed before the Tang Dynasty with many well-preserved ancient residences. It plans to build cermatic art stores and workshops, traditional cermatic experience base, cultural creative communication club etc. There are 9 cermatic art workshops now and idle public housing of more than 30,000 kilometers. 
2. Cultural creative project of cermatic industrial site: The project is located in riverside area of ancient Tongguan town, covering an area of more than 800 mu. It owns a large number of idle plants and office buildings in good structure that are planned to be reconstructed into Cermatic Art Academy, cermatic cultural communication center, cermatic research and development production base, Tongguan traditional cermatic art experience mansion, artist studio, cultural creative industrial park etc. 
3. Taifengyuan comprehensive development: The project is located at the intersection of Ancient Tongguan Town and Tongguanyao National Archaeological Relics Park with a planned area of more than 1,200 mu. It plans to build cultural creative industrial park, theme cultural park, film-TV shooting base, water park, artist village, outdoor sports base, tourism leisure resort base etc. 
4. Tongguan riverside city complex: Located in the Xiangjiang River bank with an area of 82 mu, the project plans to build a riverside city complex integrated with food and beverage, business, leisure, residence etc. 
Total investment: 140.63 million USD 
Cooperation mode: sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation 
Contact unit: The People's Government of Wangcheng District Tongguan Town 
Contact person: Zi Han 
Contact Tel: +86-731-88203098, +86018774843679 

Fax: +86-731-88202919