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15 July 2015

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Speciality Tourism Development of Changsha Shaping Townlet "Home of Hunan Embroidery"

Introduction: Shagping folk townlet has an overall planned area of 18 kilometers, including six villages, namely, Shaping Village, Chazishan Village, Chenggong Village, Hanhui Village, Luohanzhuang Village, Wujialing Village. It incorporates key projects of Shaping Hunan Embroidery Cultural Square, Shaping Old Street, Shaping Embroidery Workshop Street, Hunan Tourism Service Center, Craft Artist Village, China Silk Embroidery Cultural Industry and Creativity Park. 


1. Shaping Old Business Street: It is a traditional historical block characterized by ancient streets with green tiles and wooden window with  Ming and Qing Dynasty look, providing tourism shopping for high-grade products of Hunan embroidery.


2. Shaping Embroidery Workshop Street: The embroidery workshop street is 1.3 kilometers long and in parallel with existing Shaping Old Streets. It mainly focuses on tourism artwork exhibition area, Hunan specialty dining area, Hunan cultural exhibition area etc. The project's total investment budget is 650 million Yuan.


3. Hunan Tourism Service Center: It covers an area of 400 mu. Its main functions are tourism consultation, tourism reception, leisure resort, business office, tourism commodity fair etc.


4. Craft Artists Village: It covers an area of 350 mu. It has art lifestyle experience area, fashionable exhibition area and leisure tourism area in Shaping Folk Townlet.


5. China Silk Embroidery Cultural Industry and Creative Park: It has many functions like design and production, scientific research and innovation, exhibition trade, scene shopping, interactive experience etc. 


Policy guarantee: In March 2012, Changsha City issued Development Planning of Cultural Creative Industry in Changsha (2012-2015), and orientated cultural creative industry in Kaifu District as "relying on advantages of Shaping Hunan embroidery and other resources, focusing on development of craft art, digital content and cultural tourism". It plans to build a series of key projects in Shaping townlet, such as Shaping Embroidery Workshop Street, Hunan Provincial Tourism Service Center, Craft Artist Village, China Silk Embroidery Cultural Industry and Creativity Park etc. 


Policy guarantee: After the project is completed, it is estimated to receive 3,000,000 tourists every year. There will be annual comprehensive income of 600 million Yuan from ticket income, DIY creative Hunan embroidery, sales of tourism commodity featuring Hunan embroidery specialties, food services etc. 


Total investment: 1,562.50 million USD 


Cooperation mode: sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation 


Contact unit: Changsha Municipal Tourism Bureau 

Contact person: Liu Feng  

Contact Tel: +86015802553936