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15 July 2015

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Liuyang Manufacture Industry Base Construction and Industry Chain Investment

Introduction: The base covers an area of 30 in the planning phase with completed area of 9 It will act as a key sector for Changsha’s industry development during the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period. It is a supporting zone and park to develop engineering machinery and auto industry. 
The base planned land use is 1000 Chinese mu, relying on current engineering machinery enterprises to introduce pilot projects in the industry and build it into a specialized park combining complete engineering machinery and its parts。 
Policy support: A comparatively complete industrial chain has been preliminarily formed in the engineering machine manufacturing industry of the base which reserved a lot of land resources and is subjected to a series of preferential policies.  

Benefit assessment: By 2015, the sales income and export volume of China’s engineering machinery industry will be doubled compared with that in 2010. The sales scale will hit RMB 900 billion, with annual average increase of about 17% and export volume about USD 26 billion.  
Total investment: USD 468.75 million 

Cooperation ways: EJV, WOI, BT 
Organization contacted: Administration Commission of Liuyang Manufacture Industry Base 
Person contacted: Ou Zengzheng   
Tel:+86-731-83208888  13974845524