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15 July 2015

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Changsha C919 Commercial Airplane Supporting Industry

Introduction: The planned project is located in Large Aircraft Project Supporting Industry Park, covering 2280 Chinese mu of land with construction period of 3 years. It focuses on developing  high performance Carbon/Carbon airplane braking materials, airplane wheel braking system R&D and manufacturing; introducing C919 mated aircraft new materials and technology, supporting enterprises of the industry chain engaged in auxiliary motive power device, mechanical parts, aircraft wheel and braking system as well as maintenance of cockpit electronic system (including monitor, satellite communication, communication/omnirange, flying management, data transmission, inertial navigation, flying control, lighting and other aviation electronic products), actively participating in large airplane project construction, R&D and production of Commercial Airplane Supporting products. The project construction is divided into 2 stages. After the project starts production, it is predicted that the production value will be over RMB 20 million. 


Policy support: The project is under planning and designing, enjoying the policies in the Guiding Opinions of Hunan Government on Promoting Civil Aviation Industry Development, Opinions on Supporting Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan National Hi-tech Industry Base Development, Civil-military Integration Industry Development Plan of Hunan Province, and obtaining the early venture fund support to national aviation industry base.     


Benefit assessment: After the project is put into operation, it may reach the designed production capacity within three years. It is predicted that the annual sales income will be RMB 20 million, net profit RMB 1.5 billion with investment profit rate 33.3%. The payback period is 6 years (including construction period).  


Total investment: USD 781.25 million 


Cooperation ways: EJV, CJV, Holdings, WOI 


Organization contacted: Administration Commission of Changsha Hi-tech Industry Development Zone 


Person contacted: Wen Bo 

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