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15 July 2015

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New Nanometer Rubber Filler and Rubber Product Development

Introduction: Papermaking black liquid will be used as raw material in this project. Then, natural clay will be added to carry out flocculent precipitation of the black liquid and nanometer technology will be utilized to prepare the precipitate for biomass nanometer filler composed of short fiber and lignin modified clay. According to the plan 1 set of black liquid precipitation and product packing workshop and relevant automatic control equipment with annual capacity of 100,000 tons as well as 2-5 rubber product production lines and 1 product application R&D center in a relatively large papermaking factory will be constructed.
Policy guarantee: “Organically Modified MMT and Its Preparation Method and Process” researched and developed has already been declared for national patent for invention (patent application No.: 200810031848.5)
Benefit guarantee: the investment is estimated as 150 million yuan. This project will produce 100,000 tons fillers annually with sales revenue of 400 million yuan and net profit of 50 million yuan. The investment payback period  is 3 years.
Total investment: 23.44 million USD
Cooperation mode: joint venture, cooperation
Contact unit: College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Hunan Normal University
Contact person: Su Shengpei
Contact information: +86-731-8872238
Fax: +86-731-8872238