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15 July 2015

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Investment Promotion for Changsha (National) Advertising Industry Park

Introduction: Changsha Advertising Industry Park is located along Heili Road (Queyuan Road), in Tianxin District of Changsha City. It covers a total area of 450 mu, including 252 mu in the north and 198 mu in the south. This Park will be completed in two phases. The Phase I covers a site area of 111.68 mu (net land area is 104 mu), mainly consisting of Hunan Advertising Creative and Business Start-up Centre and Hunan Advertisement Public Service Centre, which are under construction with a total floor area of 200,000 square meters, and total investment of 1.00 billion yuan. The Phase II will construct Changsha (National) Advertising Creative and Business Start-up Centre, for settlement and incubation of advertising enterprises.



Policy guarantee: The Park is under construction, while the work of land acquisition and house demolition has been completed. The proposal for the first phase has been approved and relevant feasibility research, restriction for floor height and total building height, as well as adjustment of microwave channel have been competed. The Conceptual Planning of Changsha National Advertising Industry Park has been prepared by Planning & Design School of Shanghai Tongji University, whereas the constructive detailed planning is being prepared.




Benefit assessment: After completion of the project, it is estimated that this Park will achieve 10 billion yuan of total output value of advertising industry by 2020, 5 billion yuan of industrial value-added, an annual average increase of 25%, and 600 million yuan of general financial and taxation revenue. It is estimated that 5 billion yuan of total investment in social fixed assets will be absorbed, more than 800 advertising agencies will settle down in this Park, and 5,000 persons will be employed in advertising industry.


Total investment: 546.88 million USD
Cooperation mode: BT



Contact Information:

Investment Promotion Department of Administrative Committee of Changsha Tianxin Cultural Industry Park

Zhang Fengyu



Source: Department of Commerce of Hunan Province