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15 July 2015

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Construction of Cloud TV Information Platform of Hunan CATV Network Group

Introduction: Hunan CATV Network Group has adopted advanced two-way reconstruction technology of cable TV, which can realize symmetric transmission of uplink and downlink user information, 10Mbps bandwidth communication function, and meet furthest the communication requirements of cloud TV high bandwidth, high concurrency and end to end. On the basis of prospective laboratory research on cloud TV, the laboratory research result is directly applied into cloud TV industry project of Hunan CATV Network Group and suggestions about relevant cloud technology standard and application standard for broadcast and television video are formed.

Policy guarantee: In October 2012, The Ministry of Finance allocated 40 million yuan to support the construction of Cloud TV Information Platform of Hunan CATV Network Group.

Benefit assessment: In the promotion of industrialization of cloud terminal with “China Chip” as the core, calculated on the basis of 10% of 100 million digital TV users at the end of 2012, the cloud TV users with demand for cloud terminal in China reach nearly 10 million and it is estimated that by 2020 the market revenue of this terminal will reach over 10 billion yuan.

Total investment: 156.25 million USD

Cooperation mode: cooperation

Contact Information:

Hunan CATV Network (Group) Co., Ltd.
Jiang Zhaohua
Mobile: +86-731-88280005, +86013508481916

Fax: +86-731-88280090  



Source: Department of Commerce of Hunan Province