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15 July 2015

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Construction of Digital City of Hunan CATV Network Group

Introduction: Digital city is a comprehensive system to solve the problem of reconstruction of city and city digitization with the idea of information sharing, and integrating information sharing and reconstruction of city digitization. The core business is to provide to cities and governmental departments of all levels with services in consultancy, construction, operation and maintenance of hardware infrastructure, supporting system, and management application system that are related to digital city construction. Efforts will be made to finish “digital city” construction of about 8 prefecture-level cities of Hunan province and about 15 prefecture-level cities of China within 3-5 years, to achieve contract price of 1.6 billion yuan by 2017, and to create domestically advanced “digital cities” or “intelligent cities”.
Benefit assessment: 1. revenue from project construction: from the first project construction in 2013 to the seventh project construction by 2021, the total revenue from construction will reach 1.83 billion yuan; revenue from maintenance and management, from 2013 to 2021, the total revenue from maintenance and management will reach 1.551 billion yuan.
Total investment: 250 million USD
Cooperation mode: joint venture, cooperation
Contact Information: Hunan CATV Network (Group) Co., Ltd.
Jiang Zhaohua
Mobile: +86-731-88280005, +86013508481916
Fax: +86-731-88280090  

Source: Department of Commerce of Hunan Province