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15 July 2015

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Construction of Media Centre of Hunan Daily

Introduction: The floorage of this project is 206,474.80 square meters, including ground floorage of 161,670.30 square meters and underground floorage of 44,804.50 square meters. Major constructions include cultural undertaking building, with floorage of 49,147.30 square meters; high-rise cultural industry building, with a height of 229.80 m and floorage of 93,476 square meters; five-storey cultural exhibition annex building, with floorage of 19,047 square meters; four-storey underground building, with floorage of 44,804.5 square meters.


Policy guarantee: This project is in line with state cultural industry development policies and is recognized as one of Hunan provincial-level and Changsha municipal-level key engineering which can enjoy preferential policies of reduction in and exemption from application charge, urban construction supporting fee, and other relevant taxes and charges. Two approvals have been obtained, i.e. Approval Concerning the Construction Project of Media Centre of Hunan Daily, and Approval Concerning the Bidding for the Construction Project of Media Centre of Hunan Daily.All preliminary works are in process. Financial Department of Hunan Province has appropriated aggregately cultural special funds of 35 million yuan.

Total investment: 187.50 million USD

Cooperation mode: cooperation

Contact Information:

Hunan Daily Press Group
Wen Liang’an

Mobile: +86-731-84326087


Source: Department of Commerce of Hunan Province