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15 July 2015

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Registration of Environment Protection

(Any construction project with foreign investment shall go through the following formalities.)

1. For construction projects having a comparatively large impact on the environment, the project constructor shall fill in an Environment Protection Examination Opinion Form for Constructed Project, before the project proposal is approved, and submit the form to the Environmenal Protection Bureau, for consent to be used as the basis of project proposal approval. The provincial level department can approve the project proposal. Projects with investments of over RMB 50 million, and heavy pollution, shall be examined and approved by the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau. Other projects may be examined and approved by municipal level Environmental Protection Bureaus.


2. The project constructor shall submit an Environment Impact Report to the  Environment Protection Bureau, for approval (Table).


3. After the project is completed, the enterprise shall apply to the Environmental Protection Administration, for acceptance of protection facilities, and obtain an "Acceptance Certificate of Environment Protection Facilities", after which the project may start regular operation.


4. After the project is put into operation, the enterprise shall register the pollution discharge with the local Environmental Protection Authority, and obtain a License of Pollution Discharge.