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15 July 2015

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Tax Registration

1. A foreign-funded enterprise, its branches, and permanent representative office shall register with the local tax authorities, within 30 days after it obtains a business license. For tax registration, a foreign-funded enterprise shall submit duplicate copies of the certificate of approval, document of approval, business license, national unified code certificate, contract and articles of association, bank account card, and legal person ID card or passport. Fill in two duplicate copies of the tax registration form type one (obtained from the taxation department) to apply for taxation registration in that department. The tax authorities will issue to the enterprise a certificate of tax registration, after they have verified the documents.


2. In case a foreign-funded enterprise and its branches, or a foreign enterprise and its permanent organ, change tax registration during production and operation, within 30 days of the industrial and commercial administration organ going through change formalities, or before applying for tax cancellation of the industrial and commercial administration organ, they shall go to the tax authorities for making such changes or cancellation in tax registration, and present the necessary documents.