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15 July 2015

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A total of 1,125 kilometers of new expressway were built, increasing the total mileage of expressway to 5,000 kilometers, making it the 4th in the country. 2,000 kilometers of national and provincial trunk lines were newly built or reconstructed, and more than 8,000 kilometers of rural roads were built and remolded. The double track of Hunan-Guangxi High-speed Railway and Hengyang-Chaling-Ji’an Railway were opened to traffic. More than 2,000 dangerous reservoirs were reinforced, and the installed power capacity realized an increase of 2.2 million kilowatts.


Chinese source: Report on the Work of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government 2014



Leap-forward development has been made in infrastructure construction (Excerpted from Report on the Work of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government 2013)


In the five years, 9,743 major infrastructure projects have been carried out, with the investment surpassing one trillion yuan. In transportation, a three-dimensional traffic pattern featuring efficient external transportation links and smooth traffic circulation has taken initial shape. Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway was effectively completed, running through the country from north to south, and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway’s construction has been accelerated; the mileage of railway increased by 1,071.7 kilometers during these five years to 3,840.7 kilometers; enormous progress has been made in expressway construction. The traffic mileage increased by 2,213 kilometers to 3,969 kilometers, and the number of channels connecting Hunan to other provinces reached 15; the traffic mileage of highway, extended by 58,600 kilometers, reached 234,000 kilometers in all; a batch of significant water transportation projects such as Chenglingji New Port project and Yilu kiloton fairway reconstruction project have been completed and put into operation; the passenger handling capacity of airport increased by 10.7% annually on average, with Changsha Huanghua International Airport developing into one of the top 100 global airports for its handling capacity.

In the field of energy, a powerful support system with rational layout has taken initial shape. The installed power capacity reached 32.785 million kilowatts, an increase of 55% over 2007; rapid development was realized in wind power, biomass energy and other new energy sources; nine cities has been covered by natural gas; a 500 KV main grid traversing from north to south and from east to west has been established.

New urbanization was sped up. The urbanization rate reached 46.7%, 6.2 percentage points higher than 2007. Changsha and Changde were included in national civilized cities, Zhushuqiao Water Diversion Project in Liuyang was completed and put into production; a large number of model villages with rich inhabitants, beautiful living environment and a general agreeable atmosphere sprang up.


Chinese source: Report on the Work of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government 2013