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15 July 2015

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Introduction of Changsha Huanghua International Airport

Changsha Huanghua International Airport is located in the Huanghua township of Changsha municipality, about 20 kilometers east of central Changsha, Hunan, People's Republic of China. The airport is managed by the Hunan Airport Authority, a publicly owned corporation managing all five airports in Hunan Province. The airport offers many passenger facilities like shopping centers, super markets, restaurants, lounges, information desks, business center facilities and facilities for disabled passengers and unaccompanied minors.


Construction for the airport started on June 25, 1986, and the first flight departed on August 29, 1989. The airport went through a major expansion in 2008-2011, with the addition of Terminal 2 which went into operation in 2011. The old terminal (Terminal 1) covers an area of 33,000 square meters and consists of concourses A, B, and C. The new Terminal 2 became fully operational in July 2011, while Terminal 1 underwent renovations. With 212,000 square meters of space whichis five times larger than that of the old terminal, the new terminal is the 5th largest airport terminal in mainland China (after Beijing-Capital, Shanghai-Pudong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen).After its opening to air traffic, the passenger throughput has reached 15.2 million. With 47 aprons, 75% of which are near, the longest walking distance for passengers does not exceed 300 meters.


In the short period of 22 years, the passenger throughput increased from less than 1 million to 12.62 million. In 2010, 512,600 international passengers set off from or to the Changsha Huanghua International Airport, The number of entry-exit passengers of Changsha Huanghua International Airport already broke 500,000 in October 1, 2011.


In terms of services, Changsha Huanghua International Airport announced 37 passenger-oriented service pledges on November 25, 2011 to meet international standards and improve its overall service quality. These pledges involve passenger service, baggage, business in airport terminals, freight, VIP, joint inspection, come-and-go and corporate aircraft service. Twenty-two brands have promised to “sell the same product at the same price in the same city” as a pioneer in the country. Moreover, air tickets should be issued within 4 minutes. All the staff should follow the principle of “Responsibility on the first-inquired”, respond to passengers' every inquiry, actively help solve their problems, deal with their complaints at any time, provide round-the-clock domestic pick-up and delivery services for fresh and live goods, and handle the procedures of going through customs for each passenger within 15 minutes.


Additionally, the Hunan Provincial People's Government in September 2011 issued the "Opinions on Building Huanghua International Airport into a Regional International Aviation Hub" (the "Opinions"). According to the "Opinions", Huanghua International Airport is expected to receive 35 million to 40 million passengers, handle 380,000 to 500,000 tons of cargoes, and dispatch 260,000 to 300,000 flights a day within a decade. It will turn to be a regionally international aviation hub with perfect services.


Between Oct. 1 and 8, 2017,the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays in China, Changsha Huanghua International Airport achieved a flight punctuality rate of 89.2%. The flights departing from and arriving at the airport totaled 4,220, increasing by 9.6% over the same period last year. The passengers amounted to a record number of 589,000, increasing by 15.4%.

The largest passenger flows were seen on Sept. 29, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, and Oct. 7 and 8. More than 74,000 passengers traveled through the airport every day during the peak time. The main destinations included Beijing, Haikou, Sanya, Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Kunming, Chengdu, and Xiamen. Southeast Asian cities were the major international destinations, including Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Nha Trang, and Chiengmai. Hong Kong also attracted crowds of tourists.

The Changsha Airport specially set up an 1,100-squm Huxiang cultural corridor during the holiday, exhibiting Liuyang intangible cultural heritages and creation works, such as grass cloth, oiled paper umbrella, chrysanthemum stone, steamed dishes, and movable-type printing.

In order to guarantee safe and smooth travel, the Airport strengthened trans-department coordination, and carried out effective measures to shorten passengers’ waiting time and facilitate inquiry and guidance service. Beyond that, security check and patrol were intensified, to have zero tolerance for air defense risks. During the holiday, the whole airport worked in order.


At 6:40 am of May 16, 2018, Okay Airways flight BK2736 took off from the apron of T1 of the Changsha Huanghua International Airport, heading to the Tianjin Binhai International Airport. This marks the reuse of the renovated T1 after suspension since 2011. T1 and T2 together can guarantee an annual passenger flow of 31 million.

Starting from May 16, 2018, the domestic flights operated by Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Okay Airways, Joy Air, and Tibet Airlines arrive at T1.



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