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15 July 2015

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Logistics Enterprises

Goods Acceptance of Food Expo
Add: Hunan Golden Eagle Movie & TV Cultural City
Hunan International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Please Contact: Hu Limin
Mobile Phone: 13637426333
Tel: (86)731-84838113
Fax: (86)731-84838000
Postal Code: 410003


Huayu Logistics
Tiandi Huayu (the old Huayu Logistics Group) is a cross-regional, networking, informational and intelligent, comprehensive logistic provider, with an excellent supply chain management method. It is a first-class national transportation enterprises, with 1200 wholly-owned subsidiaries in over 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions, its network spreading over the whole country. It has been certified as one of the first "5A"Logistic Enterprises of Year 2005, and has also ranked among the top three of the "Top 100 Enterprises in National Road Transportation", selected by China Road Transportation Association. It has topped 4 in the "China Top 100 Logistic Enterprises" contest, held by the China Traffic & Transportation Association, and taken second place in "China Top 30 Private Logistic Enterprise". It has been awarded "the Most Competitive Logistic Enterprises of Year 2004 in China"; "Top 10 Influential Brands of Logistic Enterprises", "China Honest Organization", "Top 10 Most Satisfying Logistic Brands" etc.
Please Contact: Yang (Manager)
Tel:(86)731-85664757 85664642

China Railway United Logistics of Hunan Branch
Please Contact: Wu (secretary)

Run 1 Logistics 

Run 1 Logistics is a large, private enterprise with registration capital of 153,000,000 RMB, over 2000 staff, and current total capital of 600 million RMB. There are some 200 loading distribution branches, mainly located in Hunan, Guangdong, Shanghai, Fujian, Hubei, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Guangxi Provinces, etc., giving birth to a large, modern enterprise operating and managing style of the largest scale, comprehensive facilities, standard management, and superb service. It is a modern, international, multivariated, logistic enterprise, with obvious core competitiveness.
Add: 1 km to the south of Xin Yuhua District Government, Huoxing Road, Changsha City
Postal Code:410008
Hot Line:800-7183888
Service Centre (24 hs):(86)731-82694094


Changsha Hengrong Freight Co., Ltd. 

Add: Apt.603, 4th Building, Haihua Residences, No.79,
Labor East Road, Changsha, Hunan
Postal Code:410007


(Huayu Freight)Changsha Sanjiang Huayu Logistics Co.,Ltd. 

Huaya is the only "AAAAA" grade, transportation-style,logistics enterprise. Hei Longjiang Huayu Logisitics Group is a cross-regional, networking, informational,  intelligent, comprehensive logistics provider, with advanced methods for management of supply chains, integrating road transport, air freight forwarder, railway freight forwarder, international freight forwarder, city express, storage, and distribution.
Add: Farm of Shangsha State-owned Ya Zipu Farm
Secretary Contact: Shao(Manager)
Contact Person:Li Longjiang


Changsha Datang Logistics Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1990, Changsha Datang Logistics (the old Datang Express) is a professional, third party, logistics enterprise, with headquarters seated in beautiful Changsha City. It has now devoted itself to such professional logistic services as transport, storage, distribution, carriage, circulation processing , multimodal transport, logistic information, logistic planning, consulting etc..
Add: Mawangdui Tongchao Freight Forwarding Market, No. 402, Yuanda Road.
Tel:(86)731-82839888 82839898


Changsha United Transport Logitics Co., Ltd.
Changsha United Transport Logitics mainly does business in road passenger, goods delivery, railway, road, water, national airline freight forwarder, combined transportation, transfer, storage, multimodal transport of container, passenger ticket joint selling, car maintenance, etc., providing customers with logistic services, like circulation processing, commercial loading, purchasing, and sales.
Add: No. 378, Lotus Mid Road, Changsha, Hunan
Hot line:(86)731-84319629


Hunan Huarui Logistics Co., Ltd.
Hunan Huarui Logistics Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Huarui) is a subsidiary company of Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.. It is invested by Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Group Co., Ltd., Hunan Provincial Printing Materials General Company, Hunan Education Publishing House, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House, Yuelu Publishing House, Hunan Science & Technology Publishing House, and Hunan Juvenile & Children's Books Publishing House, with a registered capital 110 million Yuan. It is located in the Hunan Pressing Science Park, north of Leifeng Dadao Road, Xingcheng Township, Wangcheng County, and has a land area 54,667 square meters. Huarui was registered and established on September 28, 2003, and was put into trial production on April 8, 2005, then into production, formally, on January 1, 2006, and presently has assets 125 million Yuan. Huarui is operated as a third party logistics company, the business scope of which includes: goods circulation and distribution business permitted by laws, codes and policies of China; to provide common goods transportation; logistic services and freight agency services; information consultation services; storage and distribution for books and audio & video products of Hunan Province as its main business, and storage and distribution of foods and household dialy chemicals as its supplements. It is predicted that the operating income of Huarui will be 32 million Yuan, in 2006.
Contact person: Tang Zhenyu, Zhang Wenfei
Tel: (86)731-84302627 84302523
Mobile: 13873119586
Fax: (86)731-84302627



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