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15 July 2015

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Changsha National Economic and Technical Development Zone


Changsha National Economic and Technical Development Zone (CETZ) is situated in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, in south central China , between 10847' east longitude, and from 2439' to 3008' northern latitude. Jiangxi Province is to the east of Hunan, with Chongqing City and Guizhou Province to the west, Guangdong and Guangxi Province to the south, and Hubei Province to the north. Founded in August 1992, CETZ was approved by the Chinese government as one of the 54 national level economic and technical development zones, in February of 2000.


2.Natural Environment
Changsha has a continental, subtropical , monsoon, humid climate, with clear divisions among the four seasons, abundant sunshine and rainfall, and a long, frost-free period. Hunan Province enjoys annual sunshine of 1300-1800h, an average temperature of 16 centigrade to 18 centigrade throughout the year, a frost-free period of 260-310days, and average rainfall of 1200-1700mm.

The geographic characteristics of CETZ: high altitude (altitude: 40-60m, the highest record of 37.5m) and high-strength soil. With clay as it's main ingredient, the land can bear weights of 18-24tons per square meter, which can reduce the building costs.


3.Human Environment
Changsha has a 3,000-year history and a population of 6 million, and a large workforce, with over 160,000 people entering the labor market, every year.

As the capital city of a high densely populated province, Changsha has a considerable workforce, which is continually being supplemented by new graduates from its middle schools, technical institutes and universities.

Changsha has 347 middle schools, 33 technical schools, 39 universities, and 112 vocational secondary schools.

Major educational institutions in Changsha include the National Defense University of Science & Technology, Central South University, and Hunan University.

In 2004, approximately 3,200 students obtained masters degrees, and 490 university students obtained doctorate degrees.

Changsha has an abundant supply of general workers, many of whom have had formal training in their respective fields.


4.Habitable Environment
A variety of housing options are available in the city, including a number of 5 star hotels.

Larger hotels offer a range of facilities including conference rooms, dancing halls, western restaurants, gymnasiums, and other sports facilities.

Many hospitals and clinics provide basic and specialized medical care.

Over 250 hospitals serve the residents and visitors in Changsha. A joint venture health care facility is also currently being planned.

Changsha's shopping and entertainment options are always expanding, with many international retailers setting up in the city.

Changsha now has a number of multinational hypermarket chains, including Carrefour and Metro; and chain restaurants such as Pizza Hut, McDonalds and KFC.

Gyms, golf, history museums, parks, and other recreation facilities in and around Changsha provide plenty of weekend entertainment options to residents and visitors.

5.Basic environment
Water supply:
CETZ has the capability to supply 200,000 tons or water, daily. The water supply pipeline standard is Φ1000mm,Φ800mm,Φ600mm.

Drainage: A sewage purifying center which is capable of treating 80,000tons of waste water, daily, has been built in the zone. Waste water may also be treated by the enterprises, according to the National Grade-3 discharging standard.

Telecommunication: A program-controlled building with a capacity of 300 thousand subscribers is now in operation and a high-speed, broadband, optical fiber, telecommunications network has been installed in the Zone.

Education: 12 universities and colleges, 2 high schools and 5 primary schools.

Power supply: CETZ has a total electricity supply capability of 1 million KVA. There are 5-110kv and a 220kv transformer substation, providing double-switch electricity supply alternatives, for enterprises entering into the zone. With an electricity supply capability of 50HZ, electricity supply reliability of 99.9%, with an electricity pressure stability rate of 96%, two kinds of the voltages 10kv and 110kv are provided, and may be used alternatively.

Gas supply: CETZ has set up a middle and high pressure natural gas transformer substations, with a transformer substation outing pressure of 0.2Mpa. The pipe diameters of the existing natural gas pipeline network are DN300mm,DN150mm,DN100mm, with a caloric value of 33.1MJ/Nm3(standard atmosphere pressure, 20℃, low caloric value).

Convenient transportation
Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Chengdu-Xiamen Expressway run through, and cross CETZ. In addition, the CETZ connects Airport Expressway, 107 National Highway, 319 National Highway, travelling east to Huanghua International Airport, and south to Changsha, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou.

(1) Highroad transportation
Changsha is one of the Chinese highroad network pivots. The travel time for a 20-foot container of goods is 2 days to Shanghai, and a day to Guangzhou.

(2) Railway transportation
Located on the west of CETZ, Changsha railway station is the largest transport railway station in Hunan Province.The Beijing-Guangzhou Railway is 8km away from CETZ.The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed passenger transport railway, crossing CETZ, will be put into operation in December 2007. The travel time for a 20-foot container of goods is 4-5 days to Shanghai or Shenzhen, and 3-4 days to Guangzhou.


(3) Air transportation
The Zone is 8km from Huanghua International Airport. It takes 2 hours or less to fly from Changsha to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Hongkong.


(4) Water transportation
Xianing Port, Changsha's new port on the Xiangjiang River, which flows across Changsha, is one of the 23 main inland ports in China. The initial project of Xianing Port has been put into operation. It has an annual handling capacity of 40,000 standard-sized containers, with 2 container berths, and 2 grocery ship berths. The zone is 8km from the new port. It takes 5 days to transport a 20-foot container of goods from Changsha New Port to Shanghai.


The Changsha New Port is 1540km from Shanghai Port, and180km from Changjiang Chenglingji Port.

6.Industrial environment
General situation
At present, CETZ has 81 foreign-invested enterprises,  with a total investment of$1.146 billion (U.S.). Fifteen of them are on the Global 500 list. The number of Japanese, European, American, and South Korean enterprises accounts for approximately one third of the total. The Japanese main investment is in Mitsubishi Motors and NEC, while Europe's is in Germany BOSCH, Holland's is in Philips, South Korea's is in LG and HEG, and America's is in Coca-cola and Pepsi.


The main industries in CETZ include the advanced machinery manufacturing industry, primarily the motor and engineering machinery. The electronic information industry especially includes display and its supplemental products, other new hi-tech industries, and those utilizing new materials, bioengineering projects, and the logistics industry.

In the field of advanced manufacturing, CETZ, which has been forming a modern engineering machinery industry group, possesses many leading enterprises with great influence throughout the country, such as Zoomlion Heavy Industry & Science, SANY Heavy Industry, Broad Air, Changfeng Motors, and Sunward Intelligent.

Private economy has become a significant strength to promote the development of new and hi-tech industry. Both SANY Heavy Industry and Lyrun New Material have runned very well after being listed. The "continuous bubble nickel" researched by Changsha Lyrun Company reached the advanced international level, making the company the most successful enterprise in it's field in the world.


(1) Highlighted industry
Machinery manufacturing
Engineering machinery

Concrete transport pumps, asphalt pavers, vibratory rollers, road rollers, piling machines, tunnel drilling robots, large concrete mixers, urban multi-level parking lot and anti-sandstorm, high frigid-resistant, large hoisting, mine-probing, rock-drilling, deep-digging, deep-laying equipment, and their accessory products.

Automobile manufacturing
Medium-sized, light-style cross-country vehicles, sedan cars, and coaches.

Motorcycles, electro mobiles, electrically operated motorcars and their engines, key parts manufacturing.

Urban track transport facilities & environmental protection facilities
Subway trains, light-track locomotive, speed-control system, large-scale dragging speed-control electric motors, communication signal system, environmental protection equipment, etc.

Basic parts and accessories
Hydraulic presses, sealing parts, pneumatic element parts, large-scale precise bearing moulds, low-voltage electric appliances, intelligence instruments and meters, etc...

Electronic information
Kinescope and new displayer parts

Large-size, high-resolution colored kinescope, plasma color display, liquid crystal display parts, fluorescent display parts.

Applied software, integrated circuit, new electronic element part
Digital audio-visual products

Digital compressed deciphering chips, digital audio-visual equipment, digital television sets, digital cable television products, and digital satellite television products.


Computer & network products
Network converting equipment, network receiving equipment, IP equipment, network terminal equipment, mainframe boards, keyboards, and other element parts.

Electronic products
Consumption electronic products, including palmtop computers, electronic products for cars, electronic energy products, electronic products for medical treatment,  mobile phones, and electronic communications products.

New materials
New type of energy materials

Environment-friendly and high-energy cells/batteries, new types of energy storage materials.

New types of building materials
Colored steel pressed tile, colored steel plied tile, colored steel roofing tile based on aluminum board, aluminum groove, composite board, C-shaped steel, large-spanning H-shaped steel net frame, and light-steel products.

Biological chip materials
Biological chip materials, biological materials, artificial human organs, such as artificial livers, stomach dialyzers, heart pacemakers, etc.

Nano materials
Bioengineering projects
Projects like development of new types of drugs, genetic engineering, vaccine production which is based on bioengineering technology; Foodstuffs and Beverage projects, such as mineral water, carbonic acid beverage, juice, tea drinks, beer, etc.

Modern logistics
Delivering, warehousing, sorting and packaging, circulation, as well as information processing.

High additional value modern service industries, such as banking insurance service, international business, information consultancy, social service, tourism, etc.

Administrative environment
Focusing on the construction of economic development, carrying on "a set of services", acting as an agency to provide one packing service for enterprises in project proposal approval, business license and tax registration, environmental protection, land use planning and construction, submission formalities. Making an administrative atmosphere of "Unity, Practicality, Innovation, and Transcendence", CETZ has formed a modern service system .


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