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15 July 2015

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Hengyang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Hengyang High-tech Zone, which was approved as a provincial development zone by the National Development & Reform Commission, was established in the western suburbs of Hengyang city in April,1992. The total planned area of the high-tech zone covers 15.09 km2, of which about 10 km2 have been developed and utilized. The total resident population is over 50,000, and under its administration there are 8 villagers committees and one street agency, which governs 6 community neighborhood committees.
Under the principle of “Serving the society with simplified and efficient administrating institution”, the High-tech Zone has been trying to optimize the investment environment in the zone, and has established a simplified and efficient administrating system of “Enclosed type of management and open operation.” Aiming at planning and constructing with high standards, by the end of 2009 a total investment of 2.56 billion Yuan has been put in for the building of infrastructure. So far the networks of roads, electricity, running water, gas and telecommunications have come into being, and the supporting facilities for daily life, leisure and entertainment are available. The greenery coverage in the zone reaches 40%, which has brought it honors of “Garden-like unit ” and “Up-to-standard smoke-and-dust control zone”.
As a famous Chinese proverb says, “phoenix tree planted, phoenix willingly settled”, the excellent investment environment in Hengyang High-tech Zone has attracted the eyes of both domestic and foreign investors. In recent years, many projects, especially many high-tech projects, have been invested in the zone, including the DSM, which is among the enterprises of world top 500, Wahaha Drinks Co., Ltd and GAC Changfeng Motor Co., Ltd, which are among the enterprises of China top 500. So far there are 21 large enterprises, 10 of which have been recognized as high-tech enterprises by the Science & Technology Ministry, Ministry of Finance and National Administration of Taxation. There have formed four industrial clusters of advanced manufacture, new materials, electronic information and biological medicine. The industries in the High-tech zone are developing at a high speed and in a good tendency. In 2009, the total incomes of technology, industry and trade reached 16.51 billion Yuan, the total output of high technology of RMB 12.84 billion yuan, and the export value $ 0.56 billion, profit and tax payments of RMB 2.44 billion yuan.