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15 July 2015

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Loudi Economic Development Zone


Authorized by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, Loudi Economic Development Zone(LEDZ), a provincial level development zone, has been verified and advertised by the National Development and Reform Committee and the Ministry of Land and Resources. With an administered area of 80 square kilometers (among which 42 square kilometers are for the Zone) and a population of 60 thousand, a beautiful industrial park supported by science and technology has been under construction since its establishment in May 2003. Starting from scratch, through hard working, 117 items with a total investment of 115 Yuan have been introduced. 68 items are in construction and 58 items have been put into operation. A competitive industrial group with thin steel board processing, electronic information industry and machinery manufacture has been initially formed, making it a Key Zone of Hunan Province. 


Distinctive Location Advantages 

As an essential hub connecting the west and the east cities, Loudi is as well an important region of Luoyang to Zhanjiang Railway Economic Corridor and “3+5 City group” (Changsha, Zhuzhou & Xiangtan plus Loudi, Yueyang, Changde, Yiyang & Hengyang). Loudi Economic Development Zone is situated in the north of Loudi, close to Valin Lianyuan Steel. The railway and highway transportation of Loudi are very convenient and fast. Many highways and railways join here in Loudi, such as the main lines of national highway---Shanghai to Ruili (Yunan Province) & Erlianhaote (Inner Mongolia) to Guangzhou Expressway and Luoyang (Henan Province) to Zhanjiang (Guangdong Province) & Shanghai to Kunming (Yunan Province). Besides, the East Railway Station of Loudi with designed transportation capacity of 10 million tons and a railway port prepared to be constructed are located in the District. Within 90 minutes, you can arrive at Huanghua International Airport.


Solid Industrial Foundation 

As the energy and material source of Hunan Province, solid industrial foundation has been formed in Loudi, providing excellent development condition for LEDZ. The first Top 10 Projects of Hunan Province Industrialization---Thin Steel Board Item of Valin Lianyuan Steel manufactures 4 million tons of steel sheets. The industrial group of thin steel board and its processing is listed as the Province Top Ten 100-Billion Industrial Group. More than 30 up & down-stream enterprises have been introduced, making thin steel board processing industry more and more powerful. Meanwhile, rapid development has been achieved in electronic information and machinery manufacturing industry. Taihe Electronic-mail Industrial Park has been successfully approved to be a provincial industrial one. Strategic cooperative agreement has been signed with SANY Heavy Industry for the developing of worldwide biggest hydro-cylindermanufacturing base. Particularly, along with the settlement of Valin ArcelorMittal Auto Sheet and Electric Steel Item, the best auto sheet and electric steel manufacture base have been set up, making China bid farewell to high-level auto sheet import. 


Excellent Environment for Investment 

Possessing city-level synthetic economic & county-level administrative function, LEDZ performs its functional authority under the principle of “small government, big society, simplicity, efficiency and agility”. By adopting “Best service” system, all-dimensional and whole-process services will be enjoyed by investors. Meanwhile, Tongji University is delegated to make up high standard general plan, in which six industrial parks are rationally laid up. In order to improve the hardware for investment, infrastructure construction is vigorously carried out. 21 high-level roads have been constructed and water, electricity & telecommunication are continuously completed. With lightened roads and greened parks, a scientific and ecological Industrial Park will come into being. 


Excellent Entrepreneurship Team 

LEDZ focuses more on building an excellent service team. By holding the development concept of “self-confidence, responsibility, fulfillment being the first requisite”, the team advances the development strategy “investment invitation being the first duty, the project construction being the top task”. The Zone commits itself to creating a system as well as mechanism for innovation initiatives from the aspects of personnel management,performance evaluation, and project services. Based on these, the promise that “your investment making our development and our service ensuring your fortune” is carried out, and the concept that “serving customers, serving projects and serving development” is deeply rooted among the personnel. Our entrepreneurial team has been well evaluated and widely accepted by investors from home and abroad. 


After the construction of Valin ArcelorMittal Auto Sheet and Electric Steel, the Zone will possess more distinctive advantages on industrial clusters with promising future. Under the integration with the global economy, LEDZ will leap forward in order to fulfill its designed goals. During the 11th five-year period, our GDP has increased by 30 percent yearly on average; the total financial revenue has increased by 40 percent yearly on average. We will build the Zone into an industrial area with hundred billions’ investment till the end of year 2013. Full efforts will be made to construct LEDZ into a national zone with creation of program, expansion of investment and strengthening of industry group.