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15 July 2015

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China (Hunan) International Travel Agents Conference

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Duration: Sept. 12 - Sept. 18

Venue: Zhangjiajie


The China (Hunan) International Travel Agents Conference & China (Hunan) International Tourism Festival is scheduled to be held in Zhangjaijie from Sept. 12 to 18, 2016, according to a press conference convened by the Information Office of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government on the morning of Aug. 15, 2016.


The Conference is held by Hunan Province for the first time, aiming to promote the internationalization of Hunan tourism and enhance the connection between Hunan and the world.

The Conference is co-hosted by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and the People’s Government of Hunan Province, and undertaken by Hunan Provincial Bureau of Tourism and the People’s Government of Zhangjiajie City, said Xiong Fangping, deputy secretary general of Hunan Government.

A range of activities will be held during the event, including the opening ceremony of the Conference, the monument unveiling ceremony of Zhangjiajie Declaration on Global Travel Agents Cooperation, high-end dialogues on tourism and international cooperation, Zhangjiajie tourism products promotion week, and travel agents’ investigation on tourism. The event will be attended by travel agents from Hunan’s main tourist source countries and countries along the Belt and Road routes, together with officials from World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association and other international tourism organizations, overseas tourism businessmen from Representative Offices of CNTA in foreign countries.

Beyond that, the opening ceremony of China (Hunan) International Tourism Festival 2016 will take place during the Conference.

The event plays a vital role in enhancing comprehensive strength of Hunan’s tourism industry and demonstrating the latest achievements in tourism industry in an all-round way, said Gao Yangxian, deputy director of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Tourism. Gao added that the popularity and reputation of Hunan will be further raised in the international community and the cooperation between Hunan and international travel agents will be intensified.

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