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15 July 2015

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Bosch Automotive Products (Changsha) Co., Ltd.

Bosch Automobile Products (Changsha) Co. Ltd. is a foreign-funded company with 97.5 million of investments from Bosch, Robert Company and Bosch (China) Investing Co. Ltd. It was set up in December of 2004, in Xingsha Economic and Technical Development Zone. In February 2006, its new factory was completed and put into operation. It is located in No. 26, Lixiang Road (M) of Changsha National Economic and Technological Development Zone (CETZ), with a total area of 228,000 square meters. The company owns 3,500 employees. 


The company mainly focuses on production, R & D, application, and sales of automobile parts and electric facility systems. In addition, it also runs production and sales of machinery facilities for special purposes, such as those used for producing automobile parts and for producing parts in light manufacturing, power-driven, packaging, architecture, and fluid machinery fields. At the same time, relative consultation serves are provided. Main products contain starting engines for automobiles, electric generators, evaporating fans & condensate fans, wiper motors, window-lifting motors, Adaptive Seat Systems, anti-lock braking systems, etc.  


Bosch Automotive Products (Changsha) Co., Ltd. covers the products of two divisions, the Electrical Drives and the Starter Motors and Generators. Its main products are, ABS/ESP motors, engine cooling fans, window lift drives, seat drives, motors and modules for the ventilation and air-cooling system, wiper drives and motors, wiper systems, wiper blade, start/stop system, starter motors and generators, etc. We put our emphasis on inventing and producing competitive goods for Chinese automotive markets. 


The governments and CETZ have given much support to the company since its operation on January 1st, 2005. Bosch Changsha has been developing rapidly at an average speed of more than 30 percent per year. Many awards and prizes have been granted to it for its brilliant achievements in 2011, such as, the first prize in "Accelerating New Industrialization of Hunan" from Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPC and the provincial government; "Top 30 Industry in Changsha", "Profit and Paid Taxes overpasses 100 million Enterprise" and "Top 10 Foreign Trade Enterprise" from Changsha municipal government; "Top 20 Enterprise" from the CETZ and Changsha county government and "Company with Harmonious Labor Relations" from CETZ work committee and regulatory commission. 


Bosch Automotive Products (Changsha) Co., Ltd (Energy and Body Systems) 

Address: No.26, Lixiang Road Middle, Xingsha, Changsha Hunan 410100, P.R. China

Tel: +86 (731) - 82929203

Fax: +86 (731) - 82929018