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15 July 2015

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Hunan is a leading province in education, as described by the favourable saying "Hunan people are good learners". At present, priority is given to the development of education. A modern education system has been established in Hunan including basic education, higher education, vocational education and adult education. Good educational resources are available to people of various ages in Hunan.


According to the Statistical Communiqué for the 2016 Economic and Social Development of Hunan Province, education expenditure took the largest part of the general public budget expenditure of the year, valuing 101.15 billion yuan.


Hunan's education undertakings witnessed rapid growth as the investment increased. In 2016, the number of students in regular higher educational institutions hit 1.2 million, up 3.8%; among which postgraduates were 71,000, up 2.7%. Kindergartens accommodated 2.249 million children, a year-on-year increase of 3.8%. Enrollment rate of school-age children in primary school hit 99.99 %, while that in high schools was 90.6%.


Hunan University has seven disciplines in total ranking among ESI Top 1%, namely, chemistry, engineering, physics, materials science, biology and biochemistry, mathematics, and computer science. So far, 30 disciplines of eight institutions of higher learning in Hunan were among such ranks.


Institutions of Higher Education in Hunan



     Central South University



     Hunan University



     Xiangtan University



     Hunan Normal University




     Changsha University of Science and Technology



     Hunan Agricultural University



     Central South University of Forestry and Technology



     Hunan University of Chinese Medicine



     Hunan Institute of Science and Technology



     Hunan University of Arts and Science




     Xiangnan University



     Changsha University (Chinese version)



     Changsha Medical University



     Hunan University of Science and Technology  



     Hunan International Economics University