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15 July 2015

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Hunan Products

Located in the middle reach of the Yangtze River in China, Hunan has long been known as a land of rice and fish. The abundant rivers and lakes and the humid subtropical monsoon climate foster the diversity and richness of the products in this region.



Hunan has various kinds of agricultural and forestry specialties, such as Zhangjiajie wild agarics, preserved meat, Xiangxi camellia oil and baked fish (shrimp). In addition, Xiangxi stone carvings, Lilin porcelain, Xiang embroidery and Hengyang bamboo carvings are representatives of Hunan handicrafts. Furongwang cigarette, Jiugui liquor, Junshan Yingzhen tea, and Anhua dark tea are enjoying high fame at home and abroad. Beyond that, Shimen grass mat and Taojiang bamboo mat are popularly used in numerous households.


As of Dec. 2016, Hunan has carried out geographical indication (GI) protection of 68 featured local products, involving liquor, poultry, aquatic products, tea, traditional Chinese medicine materials, fruits, vegetable, and handicrafts. These products were selected from more than 90 counties and regions of Hunan's 14 cities and prefecture. Xinhuang National Geographical Indication Demonstration Area was established. 196 enterprises were authorized for using GI trademark, realizing a total output value of 120 billion yuan annually. Over 80% products has increased its output for at least two times, after being listed as GI products. A batch of prestigious, featured, and high quality Hunan products were thus fostered.


Inheriting profound traditional Chinese culture and undergoing a long period of development, Hunan has a lot of time-honored brands. In Sept. 2016, the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province announced the third batch of 37 "Hunan Time-honored Brand" businesses. So far, Hunan has 20 enterprises designated as "China Time-honored Brand", and 61 as "Hunan Time-honored Brand". Jiuzhitang, Yuloudong, Huogongdian are among the top 100 of the China Time-honored Brands. Demolo, a food-producer since 1875, Ganchangshun, a hundred-year-old noodle restaurant, Huangchunhe, a restaurant specializing in making rice noodles for more than 60 years, Laoyang Mingyuan Glasses Company and "Arc de Triomphe" Photography Company are all well-known from generation to generation in Hunan.


Hunan products, based on this vast and rich land at the south of Dongting Lake and produced by diligent and wise Hunan people, represent the inheriting and carrying forward of the long-standing Huxiang culture.