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15 July 2015

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[Dance] Xiangxi Three-stick Drum

Xiangxi Three-stick Drum, a local folk art form, prevails in Longshan and Laifeng County at the juncture of Hunan and Hubei province. Performers toss three drumsticks embedded with copper coins to beat drums and, at the same time, sing songs, hence the name “Three-stick Drum”. The performance usually involves three persons, with one beating drums, one knocking gongs and the other playing with knives and sticks. Sometimes it includess two to five drum teams combining to sing songs. According to folk customs, Three-stick Drum performers are invited to perform for several days and nights whenever there are weddings or funerals. They usually perform programs like Sweet Dew Temple, Huilong Pavilion and Fairy Couples at weddings, but songs like 24 Stories of Filial Piety, December Flower and Encouraging Filial Piety at funerals. In ordinary days, they do recreational shows, on which they perform traditional long drum songs like Flower-drum Origin, Uproar in Huanghua Courtyard and Fight in Zhu Village, as well as programs combined with current news and mainly for publicity.


In 2008, Xiangxi Three-stick Drum was listed on the second batch of the provincial intangible cultural heritage list, with Longshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center being the main protection unit.


Xiao Zegui of Tujia ethnic group is the inheritor of the Provincial Intangible Culture Project. He began learning Three-stick Drum from his master Xiao Zerun when he was at 12. On 26th, August, 2009, he was identified as the inheritor of Xiangxi Three-stick Drum at prefecture level.

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