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15 July 2015

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Yu Panglin

Yu Panglin, also named Peng Lishan, born in 1923 in Lantian town of Lianyuan city, Hunan province, is now the chairman of Foo Tak Development Company Limited and the president of Yu’s Charitable Foundation.

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Ouyang Riping

Ouyang Riping was born in Longhui county of Hunan province in February 1954. Ouyang graduated from Changsha Railway University with a French major. He was awarded a medal in 2006 to honor his economic contributions by the Chinese Association for D...

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Xu Xiaoshu

Xu Xiaoshu (the founder of Hunan Farsoon High-tech Co., Ltd., Chinese American scientist) is a worldwide well-known expert in the field of laser sintering manufacturing.

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Xiong Xiaoge

Xiong Xiaoge, a native of Xiangtan, Hunan, represented IDG in the establishement of Technology Venture Investment Funds with the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Liang Wengen

Liang Wengen, born in 1956 in Lianyuan, is the founder and main shareholder of Sany Group, a heavy industry manufacturer based in Changsha, Hunan Province.

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Chen Wei

Chen Wei, born in May 31 of 1971 in Changsha, Hunan Province, is known for his accomplishment as the first Chinese citizen to circumnavigate the globe in a single engine plane from May 22nd to July 29th, 2011, and being the first person to fly int...

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