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15 July 2015

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The 5th "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" Goes to 20 Foreign Experts

Hunan Governor Xu Shousheng presented the "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" to the winners.

The prize awarding ceremony of 5th Hunan "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" & the National Day reception for foreign experts was held in Changsha on September 30. Hunan Governor Xu Shousheng delivered a speech and presented the "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" to 20 foreign experts from 13 countries.

Mr. Xu Shousheng stated that these foreign experts have brought to Hunan advanced technology, concept and social administration knowledge during their stay in Hunan and further attracted more worldwide attention to Hunan's development. Mr. Xu hoped that the large group of foreign experts and scholars in Hunan will give full play to their roles in introducing investment and talents to Hunan as intermediary and promoters so as to mobilize more people of great insight to understand, publicize and love Hunan.

The foreign experts promised to work harder in Hunan in a bid to make greater contributions to Hunan's development.

Hunan actually utilized foreign direct investment of 3.49 billion dollars during the year 2009, up by 16.1% over the same period of 2008. Besides, the number of the foreign experts working and promoting various exchanges in Hunan has exceeded 4000, and that of the foreigners continuously serving Hunan for long time is over 2000.

The "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award",issued every two years, is the highest-level award granted by the Hunan Provincial People's Government to praise those foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to Hunan.

Translator: Qiu Zhuanzhuan.