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15 July 2015

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The 4th "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" Goes to 14 Foreign Experts

The National Day Banquet and the fourth "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" Presenting Ceremony was held in Changsha on September 28.

Yu Laishan, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Party Committee and executive vice governor of Hunan, announces the winners of "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award".

Zhou Qiang, deputy secretary of the Hunan Party Committee and governor of Hunan, presents awards to the winners.

Young pioneers present flowers to the foreign experts.


An awarding ceremony of the fourth "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" was held in Changsha City on September 28. 14 experts from 10 countries across the world won the award with trophies and certificates.


The ceremony was organized by the Hunan Provincial People's Government, the Hunan Personnel Office and the Hunan Foreign Affairs Office. Zhou Qiang, governor of Hunan province, Yu Laishan, Liu Lianyu and Liu Xiao attended the ceremony. More than 400 foreign experts and international guests came to the reception ceremony.

group photo of Zhang Qiang and 14 foreign experts


Before the meeting, Zhou Qiang met with 14 foreign experts who won the award. The winners are Alfred Petelle, Hu Bolin,  Namsos Lachelidis, Chernivtsi Vassili , Willford Heyne, Ruan Qingxing, Han Zhiyu, Wagayano Yokichi, Wei Heping, Olive Eunice Nael, Svetlana Kovalenko,  Martel Francisco Martel, Jone Ellen Carters and Vella Egesna Omase. (names according to pronounciation)