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15 July 2015

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The 5th "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" Winners: Mr. Jun Yang, Canadian

Mr. Jun Yang, Canadian, Doctor of Medicine, Director of Hunan Kamp Institute for Medical Research, Deputy General Manager of Kamp Pharmacy Co., Ltd., expert of 'Hunan Recruitment Program for 100 Global Experts'.

He invested RMB 6.8 million to establish Hunan Kamp Institute for Medical Research, which employed more than 200 person.

He once took charge of 3 national major and 6 provincial key science & technology programs. Additionally, he had received 3 times National Technology Progress 2nd Class Award, twice Technology Progress 2nd Class Award of ministing or province level. During  the period in Hunan, he had obtained 12 New Drug Certificates and Pharmaceutical Registration Certificates, 12 Inventive Patent Certificates and applied 9 Inventive Patents. Since he joined in Kamp Pharmacy Co., Ltd., the incentive patent products has reached 525 million sales, 56.43 million paying tax and 76.72 million profits, and creating 400 job opportunities.

He has published over 120 papers including 43 SCI articles in the scientific journals such as Nature, and some have been summarized by the famous textbooks.