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15 July 2015

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The 5th "Xiaoxiang Friendship Award" Winners: Mr. Ikeda Kazutaka

Mr. Ikeda Kazutaka, Japanese, Master of Industrial Chemistry, Deputy General Manager of Hunan Reshine New Material Co., Ltd., "Changsha Friendship Award" winner .

He once served as technical consultant of The Honjo Chemical Corporation and Samsung Ltd. Besides individual with 8 patents, he also shared two joint patents , one is with Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd (top company in Li-ion Battery Industry) , the other is with Hitachi Maxell Ltd . Furthermore, his two acedemic papers have been included into monograph.

Mr. Ikeda Kazutaka plays as a guide during Reshine's conquerring domestic Li-ion Battery 5 technical difficulties. With his help in Lithium Manganese and Cobalt Oxide, Reshine achieved zero exhaust gas emission during production. Reshine's produts channels have been widened, which once lead Reshine's export as the first enterprise in HuNan Province in Aug, 2009.

Mr. Ikeda Kazutaka also trainned a large number of key technical personnel for Reshine.