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15 July 2015

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My Trip in Shaoshan by Jah Bless

We've been trying to get to Shaoshan for quite a while. I would really like to see all the home towns of the old communist leaders around Changsha. That was going to be our plan but, as is usual in China, we underestimated just how long it would take us to get there. We left Shaoyang at around 9 am and arrived in Xiangtan at lunchtime. After a spot of lunch we then travelled onto Shaoshan, we took a taxi 200 rmb but there is a bus from the west bus station we found out later which cost 15rmb, which took another hour. So it was around 2 o'clock when we finally got there. We had about 45 minutes in the square and visited Mao's home and then we had to go back to Xiangtan for the long bus ride home. With hindsight it would probably have been better to stay in Xiangtan or Changsha. Never mind.


Mao ZeDong was born here in Shaoshan in 1893. His father was a self made man and became a grain trader. Mao's mother was an illiterate peasant woman who worked hard on the land. She was also a devout Buddhist and protected her children from their harsh father. Mao had two younger brothers and a sister. All of which were either killed in action or executed.


In 1911 Mao left Shaoshan for Changsha to go to school. 

Enjoy the photos


Jah Bless