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15 July 2015

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Colin Bissessar: It Looked Comfortable

I was walking home from work today near a park when I saw a young man trying to pick up big egg shaped boulder.


The boulder was an ornament in a flower garden and was far to heavy for the guy. Although I had no idea what he was doing, I started to go over to see if he wanted some help, but as I walked he changed strategy and started to roll the rock.


I watched as he rolled it across the park and stopped in front of a stone bench. He then sat down on the bench and put his feet on the rock.

A lot of work for a foot stool.


The young guy asked me not to take his photo but I sat with him and chatted for awhile. I asked him why he put so much efforet into making a foot stool and he replied,


"It looked comfortable."


After he left, I tried it out.


He was right, it was comfortable.