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15 July 2015

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Wishal: Thoughts on life

Hey all

Till now I have been interacting with you only to discuss about the editing work. Now I would like to know you guys better and let you know a bit about my thoughts and views. On this note I want to share some thoughts about life. Most of you must have read the following. I would like to know which one tops your list.

The most destructive habit        Worry
The greatest joy        Giving
The greatest "shot in the arm"        Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome         Fear
The most effective sleeping pill        Peace of mind
The most crippling disease        Excuses
The most powerful force in life         Love
The most destructive pariah        Gossip
The most incredible computer         The human brain
The worst thing to be without         Hope
The deadliest weapon        The tongue
The two most powerful words         Can do
The greatest asset        Faith
The most worthless emotion        Self-pity
The worst thing you can lose        Self-respect
The most satisfying work         Helping others
The ugliest personality trait        Selfishness
The most beautiful attire         A smile!
The most prized possession        Integrity
The most contagious spirit        Enthusiasm
The most powerful communication        Prayer

For me "The greatest asset-Faith" and "The deadliest weapon Tongue" holds great importance. Trust me if you really want to hurt someone don't try punching him, just use your words. They would leave a mark more brutal and everlasting then any physical pain you can give him. You must have heard about "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". I believe we would all agree that even the bravest amongst us have been hurt more by words (although they might not be brave enough to admit it ;)). Now for faith, there is no point in taking a step if you don't believe in yourself or have faith that you would succeed. Remember there is a fine line between believing yourself and overconfidence. Try not to cross that line.

That's it for today. Do tell me what you think about the thoughts and which one you think works more for you.

Take care
Keep smiling