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15 July 2015

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Wishal: Trip to Zhangjiajie

Hey All

I would like to share with you guys one of my recent trips to Zhangjiajie. I guess after the movie avatar almost everyone knows about it and wants to see themselves as to what the hype is all about. I must admit I have no words to describe how beautiful and breathtaking the mountains of Zhangjiajie are.


My friends and I were just sitting and chatting one night when we decided to travel somewhere. Of course since we all have classes these days we decided not to go far. Next step….Google search Hunan province. Well luckily the first thing that popped was Zhangjiajie and we decided to go for it.

First we thought we would rent a car and drive ourselves from Changsha to Zhangjiajie. So the next day three of us went on a mission to hunt for rent-a-car service in Changsha. It took us an entire day to find just one office, which could not provide us for a car to carry 7 people.

Although that nearly broke our hearts but trust me, I am soooooo glad that we couldn't get a car. I have no idea how 7 foreigners with broken Chinese capabilities would have undergone this journey.

Pat on the back to one of us who found a travel agency and so we started our 3-day tour to Zhangjiajie. The main features of the tree day tour were the cave, one of the mountains and forest.  One advice to all those who are planning to visit Zhangjiajie: "START EXERCISING".

I really respect all the old Chinese ladies who were running on the mountain when I was about to cut my legs off and jump of the mountain, because my legs hurt so badly. Trust me, when I say that for almost 4 days after coming back to Changsha none of us moved an inch from our beds.

Although it was seriously painful then, today we all look back and laugh at it (Plus I think I lost 5 kgs ;p so no regrets….haha).