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15 July 2015

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Wishal: Trip Checklist

The summer vacations have begun and everyone is trying to come up with a plan to beat the heat with some refreshing and relaxing vacation.

Once you have decided the place you want to visit and managed the cost (hope the destination is within your budget), make sure the following checklist is followed

Check the weather of the destination and pack appropriately, it might be hot in your city/ country but if you're planning to visit the Himalayan Mountains for example, then simple summer clothes would obviously not do.

Make sure you carry a sunblock of appropriate spf, and apply at regular intervals. Nobody wants to get sunburn or an unneeded tan

Make sure you carry your id with you (passport or id card).

Book the hotel before leaving. Trust me I know people who did not and ended up sleeping in KFC or Mc Donalds.

Same as above book the train/flight/bus ticket in advance. Or you can always get a standing ticket if travelling within China. But imagine standing 18 hours or even more….phew…

Put a name tag on your luggage. Trust me helps. Saves a lot of hassle and time.

Don't forget to switch off major power plugs.

If you have pets..dont forget about them..make sure someone can feed and take care of them…(wouldn't it be nice if they could just do it themselves )

Most importantly, dont forget to ENJOY!!