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15 July 2015

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Wishal: Farewells

Well, as some of you may know that I study in China and another academic year is coming to an end. Well the end of anything means new changes, which is obviously a major reality of life.

For me the end of this academic year is bringing a lot of farewells to friends and people that I have come to know respect and adore over the last year. These are the people who helped me when I needed them, who cared for me and whom I cared for, who became like a family here.

Of course this isn't the first time I am encountering such situation but frankly it is a little harder. Farewells, and byes previously meant see you again soon, there was a hope  that one day we will all sit together, face to face and cherish and talk about the old days. Since most of the people I know here are foreigners, the hope is a little less and the farewell has taken a whole new shape.

There are times I wonder why changes and the thought of long absence of a friend can be so frightening and why letting go can be so painful. It's not like we used to be together 24/7 but probably because, even if we were not together or even if we didn't talk for some time, we knew that a friend is always there and will come running when needed.

And so a question arises. Some one once asked "can miles truly separate you from friends.... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?"

I guess the answer is no of you truly considered him/her a friend, but we are after all human beings and being physically at a closer distance, being able to see the other person still means a lot, no matter how much technology has advanced and no matter how good an internet connections speed is for us to be able to talk on messengers every day.

But yes, the affection, respect and care that I feel towards them will never die, I will probably think less about them after a while but they will always reside in a special corner of my heart.

Wish them best of luck and hope to see them soon.