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15 July 2015

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Wishal: April Fool's Day

Hey all

It's a little too late to tell you about this but as they say :"Better late than never". I am going to tell you about the April Fool's Day.

Most of you may know that April Fool is celebrated on the 1st of April and as the name suggests it is the day where you can make a fool out of your friends, relatives etc(as if we don't do that all the year round ;).

You can play a practical joke (not very serious ones of course) on anyone and the good thing is that all would be forgiven at the end of the day.

This year our class monitor decided to play the prankster. I, along with all my classmates were eagerly waiting for our last semester results for a particular subject since the beginning of this term and she decided to use that against us (that meany!!!lol).

She emailed us to tell that she had FINALLY received the grades and we should get them from her asap. Well guess what!!!Some of us actually forgot that it was April 1 and decided to rush to her room at 9 in the morning on Saturday (Most of us usually don't wake up before 1 pm on Sat's) only to find out that she had actually fooled us. The others did the 2+2 and did not fall for the trap (aren't we SMART ) while there were some like me who refused to wake up early and read the mail and all the messages from others to quickly get  the results, so we were saved the embarrassment by our love for sleep.

Well I don't know if you guys ever do such stuff but its fun once in a while. Although it's a little late but hey it's still April!!Go ahead and fool someone today

P.S. make sure it's not me :p